Welcome to our community area!

This site lists the Open Source Development activities of NETWAYS. Here you can find all of our Open Source Software, documentation, feature and bug trackers, and roadmaps for upcoming release versions. The objective of this site is to offer you valuable insight into our Open Source Software development and to provide a channel to interact with us, get involved in the projects or get community support.

Our Addons for Icinga and Nagios

Our Icinga and Nagios Plugins

  • In our projects we developed a lot of plugins for various hard- and software components. Here you find all our plugins for Hardware like Allnet, AKCP, Sensatrontics, Starface, Fujitsu and Software like ESX, Asterisk, SAP and many many more.

Some special plugins

There is excellent community support for our addons on the Monitoring-Portal. Please create an user acount and start adding feature or bug requests or ask your support questions.